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The growth rate of innovation and low mechanical industry, steady growth is a severe test

This year, the machinery industry is facing major economic difficulties, the main economic indicators of growth rate hit a new low since the international financial crisis, machinery industry, steady growth is a serious test.
Growth lower than expected decline in half of the product
Since this year, the machinery industry added value growth continued to decline, over half of the product output fell.
One is the mechanical industrial added value growth rate lower than the national industry. 1~7 machinery industry added value grew by 5.5%, lower than the national industrial growth rate of 0.8 percentage points, while lower than the same period last year 5.8 percentage points of machinery industry growth, which is a rare phenomenon for many years, the industry should be highly valued.
From 1~7 month mechanical industry increased value growth, the general equipment manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry than 1~6 month rose slightly, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing flat, automotive manufacturing industry and 1~6 month compared to 0.9 percentage points; if the same period compared to a different degree of decline.
Two is the main business revenue and benefit index growth rate fell significantly. In the first half of this year, the main economic indicators of the machinery industry continued to decline since last year. Before 6 months of machinery industry main business revenue grew by 3.47%, compared with the same period last year growth rate down 8.05 percentage points, the growth rate for the same period in the same period since 2008, the total profit of machinery industry grew by 0.13%, the growth rate for the past five years to a new low. But compared with the national industrial machinery industry's main business revenue and profit growth is still higher than the same period of the national industry 0.83, 2.07 percentage points.
Three is a fixed asset investment in the connotation of positive changes. 1~7 machinery industry totaled 2646653000000 yuan investment in fixed assets, an increase of 8.93%, the growth rate was lower than the same period in the whole society (11.2%) and manufacturing (9.2%) fixed asset investment 2.27 and 0.27 percentage points, compared with the same period last year, the mechanical industry investment growth (15.68%), down 6.75 percentage points, the growth rate for four consecutive years, this year has dropped to a single digit growth.
It is worth attention, 1~7 month mechanical industrial reconstruction and technical transformation investment 691885000000 yuan, an increase of 5.48, higher than the same period last year (16.54%) 22.02% percentage points higher than the average growth rate of machinery industry investment 13.09 percentage points from the proportion of total investment in 1~7 and technical transformation investment accounted for 26.14%, compared with the same period last year (23.34%) increased by 2.8 percentage points, pulling machinery industry investment growth 5.14 percentage points.
Changes in the investment structure of the machinery industry is constantly adapting to the new normal, investment from the large-scale expansion to focus on the connotation of development and transformation.
Four is the foreign trade imports continued to decline, export growth down month by month. From January to June machinery industry foreign trade import and export volume 3327 billion, down 4.3%; the decline in imports continued three months monthly deepen. Export growth down month by month. But the month of June exports from negative to positive, an increase of 0.73%, a decline from last month narrowed 1.99 percentage points.
Five is more than half of the product output fell, but most of the decline narrowed. 1~7 months in the China Machinery Industry Federation focus on monitoring the 119 major product output, an increase of 45 kinds of products, accounting for 37.82%; down the 74 species, accounting for 62.18%, down the product variety continues to increase, but the yield of 35 kinds of products than 1~6 month decline narrowed.
Mechanical products over the years to decline in the number of varieties generally only a minority (2012 years before 10%~20%, 2012~2013 in 40%, around 30% in 2014), the first half of this year, enough to see the current downward pressure on the industry's growth is indeed large.
Six is the product price index continued downward. Affected by the lack of demand, machinery products market competition is more intense, the overall price level continued the downturn last year, as of the end of 43, the cumulative price index for 6 consecutive months below 100, the decline and the beginning of the year to continue to deepen.
From January to July CMIF statistics of 142 kinds of main mechanical product price, cumulative year-on-year drop the price of the products is 96, accounted for a ratio as high as 67.61%, than last year increase over the same period of 12; and cumulative year-on-year price increases the number of products down 43 species.
Seven is the industry differentiation. Machinery industry into the transformation and upgrading stage, the industry differentiation is obvious, the structural adjustment of the macro economy to investment products as the main body of the industry.
Pressure forced restructuring of enterprises in the restructuring of many highlights
This year, the economic development in China to enter the new normal, mechanical industry steady growth in the case of a severe test, the downward pressure forced enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, the industry's structural adjustment is no lack of highlights.
First, in line with the national policy oriented product development. Two is to pay attention to the quality and effectiveness of awareness. Three is the independent innovation unceasingly obtains the new breakthrough. Four is intelligent manufacturing and application to actively promote. Five is a new marketing model has emerged, the automobile industry, new energy vehicles, high-speed growth.
Statistics show that 1~7 months of new energy automobile production 95500, 89500 sales, an increase of 2.5 times and 2.6 times, respectively. Which pure electric car sales were completed 60300 and 55200, respectively, an increase of 2.7 times and 3 times; plug-in hybrid car sales were completed 35200 and 34400, respectively, an increase of 2.2 times and 2.1 times. Chinese brand passenger car market share increased. 1~7 month Chinese brand passenger car sales 4678800, an increase of 13.6%, the market share of 3.7, an increase of 41.2% percentage points over the same period last year.
Financing lease of the marketing mode in the metallurgical, mining, and a number of complete sets of projects to start preliminary exploration; network manufacturing enterprises have begun to try;