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Machinery industry is expected to develop steadily in this year

The development of machinery industry last year, the basic realization of the steady progress, the foreign trade situation for the better, new products, new technology research and development to become more active, high-end equipment independent innovation achievements also continue to emerge. Is expected in early 2015, China's machinery industry will continue in 2014 the downward trend, but will gradually slow down, is expected to stabilize in the year.
China Machinery Industry Federation held the 2014 annual economic operation situation of the machinery industry news conference. It is understood, 2014 machinery industry in our country is basically realized the steady progress, is expected to 2015 will continue the downward trend in 2014, but will gradually slow down, the year is expected to stabilize.
Zhongji Union Executive Vice President Chen said that 2014 machinery industrial added value increased by 10% and 1.7 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of the national industries for the same period; machinery industry realized an accumulative total of main business income of 22.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.4%, higher than the national industrial growth rate over the same period of 2.45 percentage points. 64 main machinery products, production of 46 kinds of growth. Chen Bin analysis, with the consumer to upgrade the relationship is more closely related products such as large agricultural machinery, passenger cars, sales situation is good; and the typical investment products such as engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, etc., the production and marketing is weak.
Is worth noting, machinery industry foreign trade situation better than last year, the cumulative total import and export volume 7255 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.1%, exports 402.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 8%, over the previous year to speed up 1.8 percent. Among them, private enterprises with exports amounting to 1489 billion, an increase of 14.35%. "This is a gratifying phenomenon, that China's machinery industry product structure presents an escalation of the situation." CMIF special adviser Cai Weici said.
Chen Bin said, machinery industry, new products, new technology development to become more active, high-end equipment independent innovations continue to emerge, large-scale nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power and wind power equipment, complete sets of equipment of UHV power transmission, natural gas long-distance pipeline pressurized station equipment such as high-end equipment independent significantly improved the level. At the same time, the machinery industry is moving in the direction of more adapted to the market demand, more and more enterprises from the "hard" product producer to the "user a complete solution" to upgrade. Network operations and other emerging business models, also began to explore a few pioneers.
Looking ahead to 2015, the speed of economic growth is still downward pressure, industry development, the external environment is generally tight situation difficult to have significantly improved. Cai Weici believes that the overall judgment in 2015 the growth rate of machinery industry will continue down.
From the operating environment of the machinery industry, the first is the financial costs, especially in which interest payments on an increase is still relatively high, the financing environment is still grim. Two accounts receivable is still a high growth rate, the difficulty of payment of money. The three is an increase monthly rise in finished goods inventory. Four is to order an increase dropped significantly, and the monthly downward. Five is the mechanical product demand is still relatively weak. Six is a substantial decline in investment in fixed assets, investment demand is not optimistic.
"Analysis of various factors, the bottom is near, downward is not out of control." Cai Weici said, first of all, macroeconomic downside space is limited, in 2015 GDP growth estimate at around 7%. Historical experience has proved that the growth rate of the machinery industry is usually higher than the GDP and the national industrial average speed. Therefore, the machinery industry to continue to increase the space has been limited. At the same time, the country is the introduction of some steady growth measures, the industry characteristics of the machinery industry has more strain selection, coupled with strong industrial life, the stability of the industry is growing.
Thus, "the estimated before 2015 machinery industry growth curve will show a low stable trend, is expected throughout the year will be able to achieve slightly over the previous year low, but still in the growth of medium speed range." Cai Weici said, should be a rational view of the growth rate down.
Need to focus on is that the current industry development in a big feature is that the whole industry overall future worries, but the differentiation between different industries and different enterprises in the same industry will intensify. Cai Weici believes that in the context of the diversification of the machinery industry capital structure, the industry is growing strain energy. As long as the market oriented reform, the future of China's machinery industry will not have to worry about.